Is 2012 the Year to Buy in San Fernando Valley?

Is 2012 the Year to Buy in San Fernando Valley?

I am often asked, with the market up and down and with the elections right around the corner, is it safe to buy a San Fernando Valley home right now?  Buyer don’t want to wait too long and prices go back up.

The short answer is buy in San Fernando Valley now!  The housing market is near the bottom in San Fernando Valley, and recovery is delicate.    Events that we cannot predict could possible cause another dip in prices, and even if that happens, the decline will not be significant in San Fernando Valley.  In addition, temporary and small declines in value do not matter as much to people who buy a home in San Fernando Valley and stay in that home long term.  Keep in mind, it seems that interest rates are going up, which causes mortgage payments to go up.  Plan to buy and don’t rush.  The right opportunity in San Fernando Valley will present itself to you.

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